Bart D. Ehrman – Did Jesus Exist? Book Trailer

Update: Bart Ehrman, ‘Did Jesus Exist?’ (Huffington Post)
Update: See Christianity in Antiquity. The Bart Ehrman Blog.


Is The Original New Testament Lost? A Dialogue with Dr. Bart Ehrman & Dr. Daniel Wallace

Some comments: In fact, Ehrman and Wallace agree on most points, so the debate is not really ground-shaking. The valid point of Ehrman is that it is theoretically problematical to talk about “the original text” and the valid point of Wallace on the other hand is that if you don’t know the original text, it is problematical to talk about authorial intentions for instance. Unfortunately they don’t go into a really scholarly dialogue. However, that was to be expected in the case of a public encounter.

Bart Ehrman and Darrell Bock Debate about Forgery in the Bible

In the British radio show Unbelievable? Bart Ehrman and Darell Bock debated about Ehrman’s book Forged. Although I do not totally agree with all the viewpoints of Ehrman (for instance on the literacy of 1st century non-urban Palestine), it is obvious to me who is more convincing.